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Discount Healthcare Benefits Program

Enjoy discounts on Health products and services while earning money for AAPD!

Pharmacy Retail Mail-Order
Durable Medical Supplies
Dental Care
Vision LASIK Opthamology Mail-Order Contacts
Hearing Aids
Consult a Doctor  
Nurse Hotline  
Diabetic Supplies  
Physician Visits/Hospitals    

AAPD is proud to announce this new partnership with Medivest to launch the new AAPD Refresh Campaign, adding new AAPD Member benefits and increasing our support of the national cross-disability community. Working together, we will continue to pursue the mission of AAPD to organize Americans with all types of disabilities to be a powerful force for change: politically, economically, and socially.

Medivest has partnered with long-established Experea Healthcare to offer a unique consumer-driven healthcare savings program to AAPD which reduces the costs of medical services and supplies. This program is not a form of insurance. There is no paperwork to fill out. Members simply present their card at any of the nationally participating providers and receive on-the-spot savings! Members are able to take advantage of negotiated discounts on a variety of healthcare products and services, available in three flexible plans.

A portion of the monthly proceeds from this program will go to AAPD! This is an opportunity to enjoy negotiated discounts on healthcare products and services, while providing AAPD with continuing income for as long as the plan is in effect. To get more information about this program, or find out about the many other ways AAPD is uniting the diverse community of people with disabilities, visit us on the web at

Discount Healthcare Benefits Program Information (PDF)

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