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November 2, 2012  |  Mark Perriello

Your right to vote forms the cornerstone of our democracy. As a community, people with disabilities can be one of the most powerful voting blocks in this country. We are a community of 57 million strong. We are veterans returned from distant lands, parents that are raising the next generation, and students who are trying to shape a bright future.

One of the most important ways to shape that bright future, is by voting this Tuesday November 6th.

Encouraging political participation is only part of our mission here at AAPD. We work everyday to advance disability rights, and the fate if many of those issues is at stake next week. Many issues like employment, education, and health care have a real impact in our lives. Whatever the issue you deem most important, whoever your candidate; your vote is important.

One of the best ways to ensure you have the opportunity to vote is to cast your ballot early. AAPD recently launched our Voter Resource Center to provide our community with all the necessary tools to vote. Early voting is still active in some states. Check these early voting deadlines to see if you can still vote early in your home state and make sure your voice is heard.

Join me and the AAPD community in voting between now and Election Day.


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