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March 26, 2013  |  Mark Perriello

Soon, the Senate will have another chance to vote on the Disability Treaty. Once again, Americans with disabilities and our supporters have the backing of a bipartisan group of Senate sponsors and the Senate Majority Leader on the side of equality, but we still need more to ensure it is passed.

Over the last 23 years, Americans have made huge strides towards equality, but we know we still have so much work left to do. We lose nothing by ratifying this treaty. It is not a threat to our sovereignty- nothing can take that away. We don’t have to spend a cent to implement it. The benefit lies in the knowledge that we are able to extend to our global partners around the world. By using our ADA as a model, we will help improve the lives of people with disabilities around the world.

Help us extend freedom of equality and opportunity to people beyond our shores.

Contact your senators and telling them to vote YES on the Disability Treaty.

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