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AAPD Praises Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez

WASHINGTON, DC – This week the Inspector General at the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a widely politicized report concerning the DOJ Civil Rights Division. Largely overlooked in the public discourse, the report covered activity during both the Bush and Obama Administrations and concluded that there was “insufficient evidence” to support initial allegations. Despite these facts, many are using the report to continue partisan bickering in Washington.

“As Americans, we can and must hold our elected and appointed leaders to high standards, and the results from the Civil Rights Division under Tom Perez are a testament to his leadership,” stated AAPD President & CEO, Mark Perriello. “The elected leaders that are using the Inspector General’s report to score political points need a reminder that the great work underway at the Civil Rights Division benefits Americans with disabilities, who hail from every state and congressional district in the nation.”

For people with disabilities, the Civil Rights Division has never had a stronger leader than Tom Perez. His strong enforcement of the Supreme Court decision in Olmstead v. L.C. means more people with disabilities have the right to self-determination and independent living. 

Through his work, Perez has secured and expanded voting rights and access to polling locations, while preventing states from instituting regressive voter laws that would disenfranchise people with disabilities.

Under Mr. Perez the Civil Rights Division has prosecuted, for the first time, hate crimes based on disability status.

“The right to self-determination, the right to vote, and freedom from fear are among the most basic American values,” continued Perriello. “Tom Perez is expanding both the freedoms and responsibilities of citizenship to all Americans with disabilities. That is something everyone should be proud to support.”

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