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Governor Gregoire of Washington States Will Not Appeal to the Supreme Court for Cuts in Medicaid Home Services

Washington- Governor Gregoire of Washington State has decided not  to  ask the  Supreme Court to review a lower court decision, that the State’s reduction in Medicaid home care services violated the State’s obligation under the Olmstead case.  Olmstead requires Medicaid long term care services and supports to be provided in the home, if feasible, avoiding unnecessary institutionalizations.

Through effective grassroots and grass-top engagement, AAPD played a decisive role in Monday night's victory.  AAPD is pleased that the Governor has chosen not to pursue this case on the national level and hopes a resolution can be reached that will not cause drastic and dangerous cuts to the health care and independence of people with disabilities from her own state.

Medicaid is a lifeline for many people with disabilities and allows us to live and work in our communities, instead of suffering through forced institutionalization. Washington State currently serves 45,000 Americans with disabilities, many of whom would be placed in institutions in order to maintain their health and safety if there were to be drastic cuts to home health services and community access.

“If you see Medicaid only in terms of numbers or names on programs, you miss the point. Medicaid touches real people’s lives. It’s about people who contribute to their communities and live the lives all Americans deserve- that’s the strongest argument to preserve Medicaid.”- Mark Perriello, AAPD President and CEO

AAPD stands with the citizens of Washington State in their quest to preserve this important program and we will continue to work with our partners on the national level to ensure full protections under the law for all Americans.

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