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Higher Education

Get there -- Learn about testing accommodations, scholarships, your legal rights as a student, and the transition from high school to college.

Get Connected -- Find student groups near you, become an AAPD student blogger, learn about the disability rights movement, and take action.

Get employed -- Learn about resources for transitioning to employment, including internship opportunities and career exploration.

4.0 Partners --  Share university best practices, remove barriers, partner with AAPD.

Many students with disabilities, even if they graduate, report challenges to us. We are looking more closely at these challenges – whether they are in the admissions process, in the classrooms, in the dorms, or in other aspects of the college experience. And, we are working with students to find ways to eliminate these barriers so that students with disabilities thrive in academic settings and prepare themselves for the jobs they want when their education is complete.

–AAPD President and CEO Mark Perriello

Access to higher education is crucial to succeeding in most sectors of the 21st-century workforce. College, graduate school, and professional schools not only prepare students for the workforce, they are the setting in which many young people transition to adult life. Although unprecedented numbers of students with disabilities now pursue college and graduate school, students with disabilities still face barriers to education. As the nation’s largest cross-disability membership organization, AAPD is committed to increasing the success of students in higher education. AAPD’s Higher Education Project promotes accessibility and inclusion in higher education; partners with institutions of higher learning to improve educational opportunities for students with disabilities; and works with students and professionals to foster peer networks and create access to resources.

The Higher Education Project project's founding sponsor, Verizon, gave AAPD the resources to organize students with disabilities into a powerful network. The project connects students with disabilities to resources, advocacy items and, most importantly, each other.

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