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Campaign for Disability Employment

Mentor Statements



“The Campaign for Disability Employment is a collaborative effort between AAPD, other disability and business organizations, and the US Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy that seeks to promote positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities by encouraging employers and others to recognize the value and talent they bring to the workplace as well as the dividend to be realized by fully including people with disabilities at work. People with disabilities can and do make important contributions to America’s businesses every day. By implementing good workplace practices, like maintaining a flexible and inclusive work environment, businesses can capitalize on the talents of qualified people with disabilities, benefitting everyone.”


This year, the CDE is focusing on youth with disabilities and how mentors in their lives have helped them reach new goals.  You can learn more about the CDE at and follow the Campaign on Facebook at


Mentor Statements

The following statements were supplied by individuals who have served as mentors to the 2013 AAPD Summer Interns.  For more information, please see internship program.

Andrew Phillips

"I mentor because youth with disabilities are the future of our community and we need to invest in them."

-          Andrew Phillips, Policy Counsel, National Association of the Deaf


Marcie Roth

"I mentor because I was fortunate to have wonderful mentors at the beginning of my career and their impact has stayed with me and informed the work I do every step of the way. Mentoring is a wonderful way to honor the investments others made in me and to reach a hand out to an emerging leader to help them feel welcomed, included, connected and supported. We need our mentees just as much as they need us if we are to “bake in” the progress we’ve made and real change to continue long after we are gone."

-          Marcie Roth, Director, Office of Disability Integration and Coordination, Department of Homeland Security/FEMA


Mat McCollough

"I mentor because…I am paying it forward!  I have been very fortunate to have very influential people providing their guidance, support, and wisdom when I was younger.  My grandfather, “Bud” was part of the “Greatest Generation” who served in the Marine Corps during World War II.  My grandfather acquired his disability during the war, and the gentleman served as the most influential mentor during my childhood.  My grandfather instilled in me to lead a life with a great sense of humility, respect, honor, and integrity.  This also meant that I had a responsibility to my community and be influential in the lives of the next generation of leaders."

-          Mat McCollough, Executive Director, DC Developmental Disabilities Council


Amy Friedman

"I mentor because I am inspired by young leaders."

-          Amy Friedman, CPA – AAPD Financial Consultant


Yoshiko Dart

I mentor because… “for more than 35 years my late husband, Justin Dart, Jr., and I operated a program in our home to assist socially disadvantaged (from moderate to severe) young Japanese women, allowing them to become independent and successful in the mainstream of society… Our many years of experiences keep me interested in young people.  I feel I can contribute to their lives, in my modest way, by showing my love and encouraging them to identify and pursue their dreams and goals.”

-          Yoshiko Dart, Disability Rights Advocate


Maggie Roffee

"I mentor because everything that I have learned about disability rights during the past 40 years I have been fortunate to learn from leaders with disabilities.  So many of those leaders have died and I believe it is important to share their teachings."

-          Maggie Roffee, Senior Corporate Relations Manager, US Business Leadership Network


Esme Grant

“I mentor because I believe in the potential and strength of the next generation of leaders with disabilities”

-          Esmé Grant, Disability Rights Program Manager, U.S. International Council on Disabilities


Helena Berger

"I mentor because I believe the future of the disability movement resides in our young people with disabilities, and their power and influence to be change agents is dependent on receiving the support, skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to have successful, productive, and meaningful lives."

-          Helena Berger


Adam Abosedra

"I mentor because it can help people use their abilities to achieve their ambitions."

-          Adam Abosedra, Program Manager, American Association of People with Disabilities

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