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AAPD works in communities, states, and on Capitol Hill to promote sound policy priorities to protect and defend the freedoms and rights of people with disabilities to lead healthy, fulfilled lives in our communities. Access to quality, affordable health care is the foundation of an independent, productive life. For people with disabilities, who often have significant health care needs, health care access is crucial. AAPD supports quality physical and mental health care that is accessible, affordable, community-based, self-determined, and responsive to individual needs.

Many people with disabilities benefit from long-term care and support programs such as Medicaid and Social Security. These programs provide medical care, tools such as personal care aides, and other services. AAPD supports full funding of programs that benefit millions of Americans with disabilities. We advocate for an emphasis on community-based care, which provides access to family, employment, community, and full participation. AAPD also supports changes to long-term support programs that will incentivize participation in the work force.

AAPD monitors and advocates health care reform laws and regulations, health information technology policy and legislation, and federal and state funding proposals regarding long-term care.

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US Department of Labor Home Care Rule

This new rule may impact some of your state’s long-term care programs, particularly “consumer-directed” programs where the person receiving services can hire his or her own worker (oftentimes family or close friends) and can direct the care the worker provides.

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Giving hardworking Americans with disabilities the chance at a middle class life

AAPD is working to create a pilot program that would establish a new pathway to access long-term services and supports (LTSS) for working Americans with disabilities to live a middleclass life without being subject to restrictive income and asset limits.

 AAPD Pilot Program Fact Sheet


Support Americans with disabilities in their homes and communities

AAPD is working to end the institutional bias in Medicaid for low-income people with disabilities to be able to live in their homes and communities.

AAPD Medicaid HCBS Fact Sheet

The American Association of People with Disabilities:

Promoting equal opportunity, economic power, independent living and political participation for people with disabilities.

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