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Text SEEK and your address to 83224 to find your polling place!

You have a lot at stake in this election. Many issues like employment, education, and health care will have a real impact in your life and the lives of people you care about.These are issues that affect all of us! Whether it’s you personally or a family member, friend, neighbor, grandparent, parent, or child who has a disability; together we will make sure important programs are preserved. But whatever your issue, whoever your candidate; your vote is important.

Join us and the AAPD community by VOTING EARLY. Your strongest civic tool is your vote and early voting is the best way to ensure your vote is counted. Don’t wait until the last minute on November 6th, VOTE NOW! In many states, early voting has already begun.

Use these resources to make sure your voice is heard:

Early Voting

Early Voting Alternatives

In the event that you are denied a ballot by a poll worker, the Help America Vote Act (2002) guarantees you the right to request a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are identical to the general election ballot, and they are counted after the voter’s eligibility is verified.


Laws and Requirements

Secretaries of State are charged with administering the Help America Vote Act of 2002. If you have any questions or concerns regarding voting rights, procedures, and accessibility, contact your Secretary of State’s office and ask for their Election Division.

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