Amy Naoum, Chief Financial Officer

Amy Naoum joined AAPD’s team as Chief Financial Officer on a consultant basis in the spring of 2012. Amy is a Certified Public Accountant and has worked in public accounting for over 9 years. Amy started her career in 2006 as an external auditor at Ernst & Young, LLP. While Amy’s experience at E&Y was invaluable, the corporate environment was not the right fit. Amy joined Ginsberg, Helfer & Boyd, a small accounting firm, local to Washington, DC, in February 2009. At GH&B, Amy gained immense experience in all facets of accounting with a strong base in tax preparation. After almost 3 years of jam-packed learning, Amy was ready for her next adventure. AFCPAs, a Washington, DC certified public accounting firm, was founded in January 2012.

While running a business comes with challenges, since founding her practice, Amy is most thankful for the relationships she has built with her clients. Often traveling from office to office on her bike, Amy relishes that each day holds a new challenge for a client in need. Amy is a graduate of Emory University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a concentration in CPA accounting.

Amy Naoum headshot

Amy Naoum,
Chief Financial Officer

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