Disability Advocacy Certificate Program

About the AAPD Disability Advocacy Certificate Program

The AAPD Disability Advocacy Certificate Program was established in 2018. While participants completed their internship Monday to Thursday from 9-to-5, they completed a Disability Advocacy Certificate Program course in-person on Fridays. The Certificate Program prepared participants to be knowledgeable and effective advocates for the disability community. During this course, participants had the opportunity to become familiar with the history of the disability rights movement and current pressing issues in the disability community through a variety of topics such as disability legislation, healthcare, employment, and more. Through lectures and panels with issue experts regarding current disability issues, participants applied their learning through homework assignments such as policy memos, group projects, and social media posts to advocate effectively to influence policy change.

For 2020, AAPD translated the Certificate Program online. In partnership with American University, students could take the course for 3-credits and transfer them to their home university if desired. In addition, since all the participants joined the program remotely, the Certificate Program included information about  advocacy in their home state, universities, and state, in addition to information about federal advocacy.

2020 DAC Participants

2020 Portraits of Empowerment

The AAPD Disability Advocacy Certificate Program is currently only available for people who are participating in the AAPD Summer Internship Program.

2020 Certificate Program Goal

By the end of the course, students were empowered with knowledge and strategies to advocate for the disability community in their home school, their community, home state, and nationally.

2020 Certificate Program Objectives

Students that participated in the Advocacy Certificate Program:

  1. Identified strategies on how to advocate for their community on the local, state, and national level
  2. Communicated their story on issues across multiple mediums (e.g. social media, blog posts, policy memos, Hill visits, presentations)
  3. Communicated their story to different audiences
  4. Described how different legislations impact the disability community on variety of different levels
  5. Understood their role and responsibility in the collective disability rights movement

Support for the 2020 Summer Internship Program is provided by:

  • Aid Association for the Blind of District of Columbia
  • Arconic Foundation
  • AT&T
  • Microsoft
  • Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • The Coca-Cola Foundation

Thank you to all of our sponsors who ensured that our selected interns still had a meaningful opportunity during the 2020 summer.

Our Sponsors