Frequently Asked Questions

Applications for the 2018 Disability Rights Storytellers Fellowship are due by September 4, 2018.

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Is this an academic fellowship?

While the Disability Rights Storytellers Fellowship is open to current students, it is not an academic or research fellowship. The goal of the program is to provide Fellows with hands-on experience creating digital media as they pursue advanced careers in media production, journalism, online advocacy, or digital design.


I don’t have any prior experience creating videos or other digital media. Can I still apply?

Yes! Prior experience in digital media or video editing is not required. Fellows will receive practical training in these areas throughout the fellowship period.


What technology will I need to participate in the fellowship?

Fellows must have access to a reliable internet connection and a computer/tablet/other device that can handle video conferencing. All other software and technology will be provided as part of the video production kit distributed at the start of the program.


Do I have to disclose the nature of my disability as part of the fellowship?

The Disability Rights Storytellers Fellowship is only open to those who self-identify as people with disabilities; however, you will not be required to disclose the nature of your disability as part of the application or fellowship experience. Reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request to ensure full participation of all Fellows.


Does this fellowship require travel?

Fellows will need to attend in-person Orientation sessions in early 2019 as part of their participation in the program (location TBD based on selected Fellows). AAPD and Rooted in Rights will cover the cost of travel and housing for these Orientation sessions. All additional fellowship meetings and events will take place via video conference and will not require travel.


Is there an age limit for this fellowship?

No. Any person who meets the eligibility requirements above can apply, regardless of age or career/educational status.


Is there a location requirement for this fellowship?

Fellows can be located anywhere in the United States (though U.S. citizenship is not required).


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