Eryn Star, In-House Intern (They/Them)

Headshot of Eryn Star, a white female with brown hair cut at the shoulders and black frame glasses. They are wearing a blue button down top and a gray blazer and smiling at the camera.
Eryn Star, In-House Intern

Eryn Star is one of the current In-House Interns at AAPD, where their
responsibilities include leading AAPD’s information and referral services
and assisting in AAPD’s social media engagement. Eryn is also involved
in supporting full-time staff with AAPD’s programs.

Eryn is an autistic trans queer activist who is passionate about building
solidarity between disability justice and queer justice movements. Eryn
is also currently the Social Media Manager for Neighborhood Access.
They are a recent graduate from Albion College with a double major in
English Literature and Sociology with a concentration in Public Policy
and Service. In college, Eryn co-founded Albion Diversability, their
college’s first organization by and for disabled students.

Eryn was previously a Policy Intern at the National Council on
Independent Living and a 2018 alum of the Autistic Self Advocacy
Network’s Autism Campus Inclusion program. Eryn’s writing can be
found in the anthology Spectrums: Autistic Transgender People in Their
Own Words by Maxfield Sparrow and The National Council on
Independent Living’s The Advocacy Monitor. Eryn hopes to support
disabled community spaces in ensuring that disabled trans people are
centered in disability activism.

In their free time, Eryn enjoys going to drag shows, listening to music
across many genres, reading novels and poetry that are disabled and/or
queer, watching opera, and discovering new restaurants to try.

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