Levell Strong

Standing just right of center stands a Black man smiling with teeth showing. The background is of a city lit up at night. His arms are folded and he is wearing a maroon colored shirt with a plaid pattern that has blue streaks in it. He has two chains, one gold of the continent of Africa another of the flag of Palestine . He has his hair styled in loc form and is wearing them up in the shape of a pineapple. There are green and red tips in his hair.

Fannie Lou Hamer Program Coordinator

Levell Strong is the Fannie Lou Hamer Program Coordinator for the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD).

Levell Strong is a community organizer, activist, and sickle cell warrior working on creating a reflective democracy through building political and economical power. He is a member of the Dream Defenders, the Movement 4 Black Lives Electoral Justice League, and Sick Cells.

Levell has worked to shift the political landscape in Florida. He believes in building power, transformation, and miracles and here is how he has done that in the state of Florida.

As an organizer with Second Chances FL, Levell led volunteer petition gathering efforts that would help amendment 4 make the ballot. As an alum of the Electoral justice project Levell would help mobilize, register and turnout voters in South Florida leading to a successful passing of amendment 4 with nearly 80% of voters saying yes in his home of Broward County. He then transitioned this experience to be Field Manager at Engage Miami registering over 19,000 youth and returning citizens before the pandemic hit to vote in the 2020 election.

Adapting to the pandemic, Levell would help implement the Freedom Fall Fellowship with BYP100 that gave fellows real experience on talking to and persuading low propensity voters to not only turn out for this election but to also show up and vote for Florida’s first Black State Attorney. As Deputy Campaign Manager at People‚Äôs Action Levell led in the training and developing over 100 canvassers who persuaded undecided voters calling all the major battleground states of Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In 2021 Levell ran a community-led endorsement process in Washington State that would lead to the election of the first Black Woman to a Seattle Port position.

Most recently Levell has been an advocate for Sick Cells, participating in Hill Day where he trained constituents to talk to their federal congressperson about the Sickle Cell Disease Comprehensive Act.