REV UP for National Voter Registration Day

September 12, 2016 | Zach Baldwin

Tuesday September 27th marks National Voter Registration Day – a day when volunteers, celebrities, and organizations promote awareness of voter registration opportunities.

The REV UP Campaign is excited to participate in National Voter Registration Day and encourages all of the state and local REV UP Campaigns to sign-up as partners and plan to hold voter registration events on September 27th. We want to build on the success we achieved during National Disability Voter Registration Week and this day presents an opportunity for one more concerted effort to register voters with disabilities before hitting the state voter registration deadlines in mid- to late-October.

On September 8th the REV UP Campaign hosted a National Organizing Call to help organize the disability community’s participation in National Voter Registration Day.

Circular REV UP logo - "REV UP!" with the V as a check mark is in the center of the circle. Top of the circle reads "Register! Educate! Vote! Use your Power!" Bottom half of circle reads "Make the DISABILITY VOTE count!"

A silhouette of the United States surrounded by a blue and red circle with text "Naitonal Voter Registration Day" arching across the top of the circle

What can you do on September 27th?

  • Host a voter registration event
    Check with your local Board of Elections for guidelines and requirements – a handful of states require you to take a training course before you can register voters
  • Offer voter registration online
    AAPD has partnered with Rock The Vote to offer an online voter registration tool on AAPD’s website: This tool redirects users to their state’s online voter registration form or connects them to the proper forms to print and mail.
  • Ask your friends, family, co-workers, and everyone you know if they are registered to vote
  • Collect data on the number of people you register then share it with the REV UP Campaign and National Voter Registration Day.
    The folks who run National Voter Registration Day will be reaching out to all registered partners to collect data on the number of people registered.
    Please also share this data with me (Zach Baldwin) so we can try to gauge the disability community’s contribution to voter registration

Sign-on to a letter encouraging the candidates to complete the survey (the letter and signatures will be sent to the campaigns that have not completed the questionnaire).

Tweet each of the candidates to encourage them to compete the survey (sample tweets below).

@DarrellCastle fill out the @AAPD/@NCILAdvocacy #REVUP Presidential Questionnaire for 35 mil voters w/ disabilities.

@HillaryClinton fill out the @AAPD/@NCILAdvocacy #REVUP Presidential Questionnaire for 35 mil voters w/ disabilities

@GovGaryJohnson fill out the @AAPD/@NCILAdvocacy #REVUP Presidential Questionnaire for 35 mil voters w/ disabilities

@DrJillStein fill out the @AAPD/@NCILAdvocacy #REVUP Presidential Questionnaire for 35 mil voters w/ disabilities

@realDonaldTrump fill out the @AAPD/@NCILAdvocacy #REVUP Presidential Questionnaire for 35mil voters w/ disabilities


Other Resources


Voter Registration Deadlines

  • – lists voter registration deadlines for registering by mail as well as registering in person on Election Day


Online Voter Registration

  • Rock The Vote tool hosted on AAPD’s website: The tool redirects users to their state’s online voter registration form or connects them to the proper forms to print and mail


National Voter Registration Day Partner Toolkit

  • Logos, social media graphics, and posters
  • Sample social media posts
  • Template press releases and op ed guidelines
  • Field toolkit – volunteer script and sign-up forms
  • Voter ID wallet cards
  • Legal guidelines


National Voter Registration Day – Event Directory

  • Find an event in your area
  • Great way to collaborate with other organizations, especially non-disability organizations


Nonprofit VOTE

  • Organization specifically focused on supporting nonprofit organizations to conduct voter registration, education, and outreach
  • Voter Engagement Resource Library
  • Two webinars, specifically focused on National Voter Registration Day

Getting Out The Vote for Nonprofits: Tactics That Work
September 22, 2016 | 2pm ET
How can your nonprofit help your constituents and community members get out and vote? In this free, hour long webinar, Kathryn Poindexter, Director of Political Strategy at the Analyst Institute, will provide us with a science-based explanation of which Get-Out-The-Vote tactics work best, which don’t, and provide some tips for nonprofits trying to get out the vote. REGISTER HERE

Voter Registration on National Voter Registration Day
This webinar discusses how to plan and carry out a voter registration drive. Topics covered included creative registration tactics, best practices, and messaging that works, as well as how to leverage National Voter Registration Day’s national reach to bolster your voter engagement efforts.
Watch the webinar | Download the PowerPoint | Download the MP3


REV UP Campaign – Voter Resource Center

  • Resources and tools for voter registration.
  • Resources and tools for voter education.
  • Resources and tools for casting a ballot and access to the polls.
  • Resources and tools for amplifying the power of the disability vote.


REV UP Campaign – State Resources and Events

  • Running list of state events and state-specific resources
  • Great way to see who is organizing in your area


The Ripple Effect of the Disability Vote

Raindrop ripple with words (Families, Friends, Advocates, Educators, Professionals, Providers, Bureaucrats) going from center to outside ring

Our sphere of influence extends beyond ourselves. When we vote in favor of disability interests we can also encourage our families, friends, advocates, educators, professionals, providers, and bureaucrats to vote in favor of disability interests as well.


The Power of the Disability Community as a Voting Bloc

  • People with disabilities make up nearly 16% of eligible voters, outnumbering eligible African American voters (28.7 million) and Latino voters (29.5 million). (Source: USA Today)
  • Disability and Voter Turnout – Lisa Schur and Douglas Kruse, Rutgers University
  • Other statistics on the disability vote.


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The REV UP Campaign aims to increase the political power of the disability community while also engaging candidates and the media on disability issues. REV UP stands for Register! Educate! Vote! Use your Power!

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