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Why New Summit on Improved Health and Fitness Matters

By Ali Schklair  | 

Discussion of Obesity and People with Disabilities. Learn More »

AAPD Statement on Home Care Final Rule

By AAPD Board of Directors  |  March 26, 2015

Learn More »

Making the Difference – One Customer at a Time

By Paul Macchia  |  October 22, 2014

Verizon Wireless Opens the National Accessibility Customer Service Center to Address Special Needs for Customers Learn More »

Announcing New Legislation Allowing Deaf and Hard of Hearing to Enter Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force

By Keith Nolan  |  September 11, 2014

Announcing New Legislation Allowing Deaf and Hard of Hearing to Enter Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force Learn More »

24 Years Later, Americans with Disabilities Act a Landmark Success, but Work Still Remains

By Susan Diegelman  |  July 28, 2014

Susan Diegelman Blog for AT&T Learn More »

Mark's Weekly Message: Disability Equality Index

By Power Grid Blog Team  |  June 6, 2014

On June 26th, AAPD and USBLN will launch the Disability Equality Index (DEI). The DEISM is an annual benchmarking tool that will offer major businesses the opportunity to receive an objective score on their disability inclusion policies and practices, and identify avenues for continued improvement. Learn More »

That All May Worship: An Interfaith Welcome to People with Disabilities

By Ginny Thornburgh  |  June 5, 2014

It is with joy that I announce the online version of That All May Worship, an interfaith guide to transforming any congregation into a place that values, includes, and enjoys children and adults with all types of disabilities. Learn More »

Mark's Weekly Message: The Presumption of Innocence

By Power Grid Blog Team  |  May 30, 2014

One of our most basic beliefs as Americans is that people are innocent until proven guilty. The presumption of innocence means that the burden of proof falls to those accusing someone of a crime and not to the accused. This belief system aligns closely with our constitutionally guaranteed right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Learn More »

Mark's Weekly Message: "End the Awkward" Campaign

By Power Grid Blog Team  |  May 9, 2014

Let’s face it, sometimes people are just plain uncomfortable around people with disabilities. This discomfort impacts everything in our lives from our ability to secure gainful employment to our everyday interactions with friends and strangers alike. Learn More »

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