About REV UP

The REV UP Voting Campaign builds the power of the disability vote through a national network of coalitions and organizations.

What is REV UP?

REV UP was started by AAPD in 2016 and stands for “Register, Educate, Vote, Use your Power!” REV UP’s mission is to build the power of the disability vote. We do this by…

  • Making sure disabled voters are registered and ready to vote in every election.
  • Advocating for accessible voting processes, from register to vote to casting a ballot.

Check out our program highlights and accomplishments in our 2022 REV UP Program Report below. If you need this report in another format, please email Alexia Kemerling at akemerling@aapd.com.

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How, When, and Why to Vote

Check out REV UP’s voter info hub made by and for voters with disabilities. Learn about voting in upcoming elections and what accommodations you can get at the polls

Get Involved in REV UP

Do you want to build political power in your community? Get out the disability vote with hundreds of partners across the country as a part of the REV UP network.

Disability Voting Rights Week

Every year, the American Association of People with Disabilities hosts Disability Voting Rights Week. Join us September 11-15, 2023 to make sure disabled voters in your community are registered and ready to vote.

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