The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) is a convener, connector, and catalyst for change, increasing the political and economic power of people with disabilities.

As a national cross-disability rights organization, AAPD advocates for full civil rights for the over 60 million Americans with disabilities by promoting equal opportunity, economic power, independent living, and political participation.

Justin Dart, father of the ADA and one of the founders of AAPD, often called for solidarity among all who love justice and equality. The disability community is massive and incredibly diverse. As a convener, AAPD is a cross disability organization that builds trust and unity through open, honest conversations. When we stand in solidarity on any issue, we have the power to create lasting change.

Disability is a natural part of the human experience that influences all of us. As a connector, AAPD is a bridge that joins the disability community with our friends, adversaries, family, businesses, schools, and the community at large, amplifying a powerful voice for change.

Like champions of justice before us have proven, seemingly underestimated actions lead to significant transformation. As a catalyst, AAPD is action-oriented, building chain reactions that increase the rate and speed of change. A small spark can ignite extraordinary results.

History of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Disability Rights Movement

This exhibit celebrates just some of the many groups and people who made the ADA possible, explores how and why it was passed, and concludes by looking at some of the major challenges we’re facing now. The ADA changed America, but there is a lot of work left to be done.

AAPD Board of Directors

Job Opportunities at AAPD



Maria Town image

Maria Town, President and CEO

Maria Town is the President & CEO of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD). She has worked as the Director […]

Jasmin Bailey headshot

Jasmin Bailey, Manager of Business Operations and Program Coordinator

Jasmin Bailey is the Operations Manager and Program Coordinator at AAPD.  In this role, she oversees the daily internal operations […]

Head shot of Christine Liao smiling.

Christine Liao, Programs Director

Christine Liao is the Programs Manager at the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD). She coordinates and implements all of AAPD’s national programs.

Profile photo of Henry Claypool smiling

Henry Claypool, Technology Policy Consultant

Henry Claypool is a Technology Policy Consultant for AAPD. He is the former Director of the Health and Human Services […]

Jason Mida, Development Consultant

Jason Mida is the President of Mida Associates, a DC-based fundraising consulting firm. In this capacity, he serves a Development […]

Christine Chew

Christine Chew, Development Consultant

Christine Chew is the Director of Events and Programs at Mida Associates, a DC-based fundraising consulting firm. In this capacity, she serves as a Development Consultant for AAPD.

Profile photo of Emily Hanna smiling

Emily Hanna, Development Consultant

Emily Hanna is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Mida Associates, a Washington, D.C.-based fundraising consulting firm. In this […]

Jess, a white woman with short brown curly hair smiles at the camera. Her arms are crossed. She is wearing a leopard print blazer and black shirt. Behind her is a brick wall with green vines.

Jess Davidson, Communications Director

Jess Davidson (she/her) is Communications Director at AAPD. Jess has focused her career on using advocacy and communications strategies to […]

Rachita Singh, Policy Associate

Rachita is the REV UP and Communications Coordinator at the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)

Lilian Aluri, REV UP Voting Campaign Coordinator

Rachita is the REV UP and Communications Coordinator at the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)

Photo of Sophie, a young white woman with curly light brown hair and glasses wearing a black and white dress. She is standing in front of a background filled with trees and other greenery with her hand on her hip.

Sophie Poost, Programs Coordinator

Sophie Poost is the Programs Coordinator at AAPD working on the Summer Internship Program and the Disability Advocacy Certificate Program. […]

A headshot of a white woman with brown hair and a gold earring smiling at the camera.

Daisy Fleming, REV Up Voting Rights Fellow

Daisy is an MPA-PNP candidate at NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service specializing in Advocacy and Political Action. Prior to […]

Eryn Star, In-House Intern (They/Them)

Eryn Star is one of the current In-House Interns at AAPD, where theirresponsibilities include leading AAPD’s information and referral servicesand […]

A photo of Rasheera, a black woman with a short black bob and a hot pink pantsuit. She is sitting on a tan leather couch.

Rasheera Dopson, In-House Intern

Rasheera Dopson, is an author, a disability justice activist, researcher, and scholar.  Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in […]

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