We are grateful to the millions of American veterans who have selflessly served our nation.

AAPD is committed to ensuring veterans with disabilities have the support and services necessary to be fully integrated into the community.

3.3 million veterans are currently receiving VA disability compensation.
—US Department of Veterans Affairs

AAPD monitors current legislation and advocates for benefits and services and provides information and resources to veterans with disabilities and their families. Our nation’s obligations to veterans with disabilities include:

  • Quality health care;
  • Employment opportunities;
  • Educational and training opportunities;
  • Community support; and
  • Support for families
A uniformed veteran takes a photo with his daughter
AAPD monitors and supports measures to provide and fully fund services and benefits for veterans with disabilities, including physical and mental health services, employment, education, and housing.
Department of Veterans Affairs
Title 38 of the U.S. Code establishes the Department of Veterans Affairs and provides for veterans benefits including healthcare, employment and education and also addresses disability compensation, housing for disabled veterans, rehabilitation and accessible automobiles and adaptive equipment.
Department of Defense

The National Defense Authorization Act is passed biennially and authorizes funding for the Department of Defense, including provisions related to disability retirement pay. AAPD monitors current law and proposed legislation related to disabled veterans. For more information on current issues, visit the Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs within the US Department of Veterans Affairs.