Alumni Network

The Alumni Network is an effort to proactively sustain relationships with AAPD program alumni and provide programmatic opportunities to early and mid-level career professionals with disabilities. AAPD launched the Alumni Network in 2020 thanks to generous support from the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation.

The Alumni Network established an Ambassadors Council, composed of AAPD Summer Internship alumni, to lead and influence decision-making that directly impacts this mission. Members of the Ambassadors Council represent diversity across various ages (representing classes from 2004 to 2018), disabilities, race, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

We are grateful to the 2020-2021 Council Members:

  • Elijah Armstrong (he/him), Class of 2018
  • Hamza Jaka (he/him), Class of 2011
  • Crystal Jones (she/her), Class of 2011
  • Emily Ladau, (she/her), Class of 2013
  • D’Arcee Neal (he/they), Class of 2013
  • Olivia Norman (she/her), Class of 2004
  • María Antonella Pereira (she/her), Class of 2018
  • Emily Seelenfreund (she/her), Class of 2011
  • Conrad Reynoldson (he/him), Class of 2007
  • Max Soh (he/him), Class of 2017
  • Michael Springer (he/him), Class of 2014
  • Sheiba Tafazzoli (she/her), Class of 2009
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