Election Engagement Hub

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Welcome to AAPD’s Election Engagement Hub! 

In recent years, voter turnout has surged among citizens with disabilities, with a 5.9% point increase in 2020 in comparison to the 2016 elections. As accessible forms of voting are stripped back, the disability community is persisting and more engaged than ever before.

Through our REV UP Voting Campaign and advocacy work, AAPD provides information and tools for disabled voters to engage as meaningfully as possible in their state, local, and federal elections. 

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English and Spanish Guides - How to Vote In Your State

At REV UP, we build the power of the disability vote. That means making sure that every one of the more than 40 million eligible voters with disabilities is registered and ready to vote and has access to the ballot.

That’s why each election, we publish guides for disabled voters in all 50 states and Washington, DC. These guides are published in both English and Spanish.

Find our 2023 guide for your state here.

Plain Language Definitions of Voting Words

In addition to our state guides, we have a resource with Plain Language definitions of some important voting words and terms.

Read our Plain Language definitions of voting words and terms here.

Disability Presidential Candidate Survey

Voters with disabilities deserve to make informed decisions on the issues that matter to them, and through the Disability Presidential Candidate Survey, AAPD will gather candidates’ positions and priorities on issues important to the disability community. The  candidate questionnaire is non-partisan, and was sent today to Republican, Democrat, and third-party candidates. Unedited candidate responses will be made public as they are received and shared with AAPD’s network and the broader disability community. 

With this candidate survey, AAPD hopes to increase the visibility and importance of disability issues within candidate platforms.

Click here to read the survey and learn more.

Governor Asa Hutchinson's Response to AAPD's Disability Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

Governor Asa Hutchinson was a Republican 2024 candidate for President of the United States. He served as the 46th Governor of the State of Arkansas. 

Despite Governor Hutchinson’s decision to end his presidential campaign, we are grateful for his response to our Disability Presidential Candidate Questionnaire. Every Presidential Candidate needs to make disability rights a priority, and filling out our questionnaire is the first step!

Click here to read Governor Hutchinson’s response.

AAPD's 2024 Memo to News Networks

During the 2024 presidential election cycle, media will play a vital role in helping voters make informed decisions. AAPD sent this memo to major American news networks with guidance and resources in three areas: 1) Ensuring disabled voters can make informed decisions; 2) Ensuring disabled voters can access information, and; 3) Following inclusive and respectful best practices.

Click here to read the memo.

Letter to Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Republican National Committee (RNC) Leadership: Condemning and Ending Ableism in the 2024 Election

In January 2024, AAPD, a nonpartisan organization, sent identical letters to the chairs and co-chairs of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Republican National Committee (RNC) calling on them to condemn and put a stop to the use of language, jokes, and incorrect information that perpetuate harmful stereotypes about and prejudices against disabled people.

The letter cites multiple examples of presidential hopefuls from both parties using ableist rhetoric and stereotypes. When touted by presidential candidates, these examples of ableism can have serious and devastating impacts for the millions of Americans with disabilities who need and deserve dignity, respect, and opportunity.

You can read the text of the letter here.