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Amazing Gifts: Stories of Faith, Disability, and Inclusion

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Amazing Gifts, by religion writer Mark I. Pinsky, tells sixty-four stories of real people of faith who either have disabilities or are close to a person with a disability.  The stories emphasize the importance of inclusion, and efforts most congregations can utilize to accomplish it.  According to Pinsky, “Sometimes, the start of a long and wonderful journey is simply to shake hands and say, ‘Welcome,’ without preconceived notions.” The author worked with the sixty-four storytellers and numerous others from many faiths to write Amazing Gifts.

AAPD Interfaith Program Director Ginny Thornburgh envisioned this bold project over four years ago.  A driving force behind Amazing Gifts, Thornburgh wrote the book’s foreword, which states: “These are stories of people who understand the uniqueness of every human being, the pain of isolation and exclusion, and the healing power of inclusion within communities of faith.” 

“Amazing Gifts is a collection of 64 stories, but it tells one story – a story about the transformative power of faith, and of inclusion in the faith community,” said Thornburgh.


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