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Interfaith Initiative

What is the Mission of the AAPD Interfaith Initiative?

Interfaith - Man in ChurchThe mission of the AAPD Interfaith Initiative is to support people with disabilities and their families as they seek spiritual and religious access, and to bring the powerful and prophetic voice of the faith community to the 21st Century disability agenda.

Who should contact the AAPD Interfaith Initiative?

  • People with disabilities and family members who want to fully participate in their congregations through worship, study, service and leadership.
  • Lay and religious leaders who seek information about welcoming and accommodating people with physical, sensory, psychiatric and intellectual disabilities and older adults.
  • People connected to centers for independent living and other community-based organizations who decide to reach out to local congregations and seminaries.
  • Seminary administrators, professors, staff and seminarians who intend to fully include people with disabilities and older adults and infuse the theological curriculum with disability content.
  • Leaders of disability organizations who realize they may not have adequately addressed the spiritual and religious rights of their constituents.

What services are offered by the AAPD Interfaith Initiative?

Interfaith -  Couple in Church

  • Assistance in organizing a community-building "That All May Worship" conference bringing the disability community into dialogue with the religious community at the local level.
  • Opportunities for religious leaders to understand and support the disability agenda and to eliminate ongoing barriers to full participation of people with disabilities at the local, state, national and international levels.
  • Problem solving assistance for congregations and seminaries that have questions about program and building access.

Why is the AAPD Interfaith Initiative important?

Interfaith - BaptismFor many people with disabilities, spiritual and religious access is just as important as access to education, employment, healthcare, transportation and community services. The AAPD Interfaith Initiative welcomes your input, your suggestions and your contributions.

For more information about the AAPD Interfaith Initiative please contact:

Curtis Ramsey-Lucas, Director
AAPD Interfaith Engagement
American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)
Phone: (202) 521-4319

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