2020 Disability Advocacy Certificate Program Annual Report

“I have learned about the importance of collaboration in advocacy. I now have a group of friends who also believe in disability justice and we can rely on each other as a support system. I also know now that I am capable of causing real change and changing legislators’ opinions and actions.”

“I believe that through the program I have learned to look at the different circumstances for people with disabilities aside from my own. I think previously I was only looking at the circumstances that impacted me and I looking at things like Medicaid or the ADA that wasn’t in effect 30 years ago I’ve been able to look outside my own experiences.”

“Disability issues truly intersect with every policy issue. We must be purposeful in intersectionality to make sure all voices in the disability community are heard. Disability issues are essential to the success and wellbeing of individuals, but also the country as a whole.”

screenshot of report front page with AAPD logo above image of 11 zoom participants and report title