Disability Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

Voters with disabilities deserve to make informed decisions on the issues that matter to them, and through the Disability Presidential Candidate Questionnaire, AAPD will gather candidates’ positions and priorities on issues important to the disability community. The candidate questionnaire is non-partisan, and has been sent to all Republican, Democrat, and third-party candidates who have announced their campaign for U.S. President. 

With this candidate questionnaire, AAPD hopes to increase the visibility and importance of disability issues within candidate platforms. Unedited candidate responses will be made public as they are received and shared on this page.

While not perfectly comprehensive, it is our hope that this questionnaire will provide a solid foundation of information for our community about the views of 2024 Presidential Election candidates as they pertain to our community. Community members may also adapt this questionnaire to create questionnaires for candidates in their own state and local elections. 

This candidate questionnaire was written with the help of the AAPD Board of Directors and the REV UP Presidential Engagement Committee, which is made up of disabled leaders from the national, state, and local levels around the country. We are so grateful to everyone who gave their time to help us capture our community’s priorities! Special thanks to our REV UP Committee co-leads, disabled activists Amelia Bittel of New York and Karen Jones of Alabama.

The first page of the AAPD REV UP 2024 Disability Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

For Candidates

To respond to the questionnaire, please download the PDF and email your responses to communications@aapd.com. You can use this Fillable PDF for Candidate Responses.