AAPD’s advocacy aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities by increasing their political and economic power. Learn more about where we focus our advocacy.

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REV UP Voting Campaign

REV UP Voting Campaign

REV UP stands for “Register, Educate, Vote, Use your Power!”

The REV UP network is composed of grassroots coalitions and partner organizations that work to advance the Disability Vote. REV UP’s mission is to foster civic engagement


Community Integration

People with disabilities have the right to live independently in the community in the most integrated setting of their choice.
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Education is the cornerstone of realizing the ADA’s goals of full participation, independent living, economic self-sufficiency, and equal opportunity. AAPD is committed to promoting access to education from preschool through post-graduate work. We take a comprehensive approach to educational access, including advocacy, partnerships with educational institutions, and programs designed to break down barriers to education.


AAPD is committed to ensuring that all people with disabilities have the right to equal opportunity, to be economically self-sufficient, and to earn and save without jeopardizing access to the services and supports that allow them to live and work independently.


AAPD is committed to ensuring all people with disabilities have a right to quality, comprehensive, and affordable health care.



AAPD will advocate for policies to ensure people with disabilities have access to affordable accessible housing, including non-provider owned scattered site housing, and will advocate against the use of institutional or congregate "clustered" models that segregate people with disabilities from their communities.


The mission of the AAPD Interfaith Initiative is to support people with disabilities and their families as they seek spiritual and religious access, and to bring the powerful and prophetic voice of the faith community to the 21st Century disability agenda.


AAPD will promote the ideals of the Americans with Disabilities Act around the world to increase the ability of individuals with disabilities to travel, work, and live abroad.


AAPD will advocate for policies that promote the development of universally designed technology, and that ensure affordable access to that technology, to support people with disabilities to live independently.


AAPD promotes equal access to transportation for people with disabilities, including promoting improved accessibility in public transportation and substantial investment in accessible transit options and transit-oriented development.



We are grateful to the millions of American veterans who have selflessly served our nation. AAPD is committed to ensuring veterans with disabilities have the supports and services necessary to be fully integrated into the community.

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