National Disability Voter Registration Week

September 13-20, 2021

White rectangular and horizontal graphic with the National Disability Voter Registration Week logo on the left which has a red, blue, and white ballot box logo on top and the text “National Disability Voter Registration Week September 13-17 & 20, 2021” in black and “An AAPD REV UP Initiative,” in red text. On the right is a round REV UP logo with a ring on the outside that has red on the top half of the ring and white text saying “Register, Education, Vote! Use your Power!” and blue on the bottom half with white text, saying “Make the Disability Vote Count.” Inside the ring is REV UP! In blue and red letters.

What is National Disability Voter Registration Week?

Every year, the REV UP Campaign coordinates National Disability Voter Registration Week (NDVRW) to increase the political power of people with disabilities by sharing resources and getting folks registered to vote. This year, NDVRW is September 13-20, 2021. In the last election, an estimated 38 million people with disabilities were eligible to vote, and we invite state and local organizations to participate in NDVRW in order to continue raise the disability voice and civic participation across the country in 2021 and beyond!

Join a Training for National Disability Voter Registration Week | August 5 at 2pm EST & August 11 at 7pm EST

Join us for a virtual training to prepare for the 2021 National Disability Voter Registration Week which will take place September 13-20 of this year. During these trainings, you will learn how to get involved in National Disability Voter Registration Week. We will share about theme for NDVRW 2021, ideas for events and outreach, and resources AAPD will provide to REV UP organizers. ASL and CART will be included, please email Lilian Aluri at to request additional accommodations.

Get Involved in NDVRW!

  1. Host a Voter Registration or Education Event! Host an event to register people with disabilities to vote or help voters in your state understand the rules, disability voting rights, voting options, safety-protocols, and key dates for the 2021 elections.
  2. Activate your Social Media! Use the power and reach of social media to motivate your network to register and vote and inform voters on your state’s election rules and dates.
  3. Use our NDVRW Toolkit! Our Toolkit (our 2021 Toolkit is coming soon) provides key resources and info to help you engage with NDVRW!
  4. Write letters to the editor or Op-Eds and engage local radio or TV stations on the growing efforts by the disability community. Check out The Op-Ed Project for tips on writing a compelling Op-Ed!
  5. Organize a candidate town hall event or distribute candidate questionnaires to engage candidates with people with disabilities in your community. As a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization you must send an invitation to all candidates. Nonprofit VOTE offers additional resources and guides on staying nonpartisan.
  6. Connect with other disability rights and voting rights organizations in your area to partner on events and initiatives during NDVRW.
  7. Ask your Governor, Mayor, City Council, County Commissioner, or State Representative to issue a proclamation declaring September 13-17 & 20, 2021, National Disability Voter Registration Week. Find a draft Proclamation here and send any Proclamations you receive to!

NDVRW Resources & Tools

Getting people with disabilities registered to vote is the first step to increasing the political power of people with disabilities. Below are links to tools and resources to help you get involved in NDVRW 2021:

  • NDVRW Signup Form – Sign up to participate in NDVRW through planning events or other activities!
  • Register Your NDVRW Event – Share details for events you are planning so we can share them with our network!
  • NDVRW Flyer (coming soon) – Use this flyer to share information about NDVRW with your partners.
  • NDVRW 2021 Toolkit (coming soon) – The NDVRW Toolkit includes a guide on how to organize virtual voter registration events, sample social media posts and graphics, and more.
  • NDVRW Social Media Graphics (coming soon) – Social Media is an incredibly powerful tool for encouraging people to register and vote.
  • NDVRW Sample Proclamation – Encourage your local officials to issue a proclamation for NDVRW 2021!
  • NDVRW Press Release Template – Download and edit this press release template to share your involvement in NDVRW 2021 in your state and communities.
  • NDVRW Partners – Supporting Organizations will have their name and logo listed on the REV UP website to show the vast support behind the Campaign.
  • NDVRW Spanish Materials (in progress)*

*Special thanks to María Vicky Díaz, Dr. Sara M. Acevedo, and Dr. Federico Waitoller with the National Coalition for Latinxs with Disabilities/Coalición Nacional para Latinxs con Discapacidades (CNLD), and Laura Marquez from Paso Del Norte Children’s Development Center for providing Spanish translation.

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