Voting in 2020

Heading: Voting in the 2020 Elections

In 2020, voters will be electing officials up and down the ballot. From Presidential elections, to school board elections, getting to the polls is the best way to voice your opinion on the most important issues to you. Early voting has begun, and the general election is on November 3rd. Make your vote count by making a plan to vote and start early!


Use the resources below to find out how, when, and where to vote and where to find additional information and support! Also, check out our collection of stories from voters with disabilities across the U.S. talking about what voting means to them.


Subheading: Quick Links

Get the knowledge you need, fast! See the link below to get information on mail-in voting, locate your local election office, view a sample ballot, and more!

Subheading: FAQs

Worried about voting in-person during the pandemic? Unsure if you can vote by mail? Check out these questions and answers to learn how, when, and where to vote in 2020! Click here to view the FAQ document.

Subheading: State Voting Guides

With many states changing their election rules, often because of COVID-19, AAPD’s REV UP team has researched and brought together information on voter registration, ID requirements, absentee and mail-in voting, early voting, curbside voting, electronic ballot delivery, and more. Below are guides, specific to your state, to help you be prepared to vote in the general elections.

Subheading: Additional Resources

AAPD has compiled a wealth of resources for voters to help them navigate the upcoming election. Follow the link below for more tools for voters with disabilities, contacting your local election officials, and information on your rights as a voter





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