Disability Equality Index 2022

After near-constant disruption from the global pandemic, uncertain economic conditions, and ongoing labor shortages, today’s corporations have demonstrated resilience and creativity as they strive to make their workplaces better for everyone.

As the post-pandemic reality sets in, the battle for talent remains top of mind for many business leaders. Job openings remain at record highs, with over 11.4 million vacancies in the U.S. workforce alone. Skilled industries like healthcare and technology face worker shortages globally.

To adapt to today’s reality and stay competitive, companies need to think creatively about hiring, developing, and cultivating talent. They need to invest in their pipeline, minimize biases, be open-minded about who is qualified, and be more attentive to what a candidate is looking for in their next position.

Now more than ever, people want to work where their contributions are valued, where diversity of thought is celebrated, and where they can be part of an inclusive culture characterized by a sense of belonging. Today, job seekers are more attuned to a company’s values and commitment to social purpose. They care about how companies embrace diversity and empathize with the human experience.