Disability Mentoring Day Youth Transitions Pipeline

The Disability Mentoring Day Youth Transitions Pipeline (Pipeline) aimed to increase positive employment outcomes for youth with disabilities as they transitioned out of high school. The goal of the Pipeline was to provide students with disabilities with the skills, resources, and networks to successfully transition from high school to the workforce. Employment opportunities mean economic self-sufficiency and independence for people with disabilities.

This one-year initiative, funded by the Walmart Foundation, builds on the ideals of Disability Mentoring Day, a national day of job-shadowing and mentoring held each October, to support youth with disabilities as they transition out of high school and into the workforce or post-secondary education.

The Pipeline was active from May 2016 through April 2017 in three communities across the United States, where it worked closely with a center for independent living (CIL) in each community. The DMD Youth Transitions Pipeline is a multi-tier program that will reach high school students with disabilities through community resources, skill building workshops, peer-to-peer programming, mentoring, job shadowing, internships, and more.

The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) jointly administered this initiative in partnership with the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL) and three centers for independent living – Ability360 in Phoenix, AZ; Summit Independent Living Center (Summit) in Missoula, MT; and Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living (TRIPIL) in Washington, PA (Tri-Country Patriots for Independent Living has since changed their name to Transitional Paths to Independent Living).


Disability Mentoring Day Youth Transitions Pipeline Toolkit

This Toolkit is meant to aid in the scaling and replication of this project at other centers for independent living across the country. The Toolkit includes best practices, common challenges and solutions, and additional information for engaging with transition-age youth through resource dissemination, youth-led programming, skills-building workshops, mentoring, job shadowing, and internships. Each of these areas play a role in supporting youth with disabilities to achieve positive employment outcomes.

The information contained in this Toolkit is free for anyone to use and modify as they work to support transition-age youth with disabilities in their communities. For questions, comments, or concerns please contact dmd@aapd.com.


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