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Interfaith Disability Coalition Delivers Medicaid Letter to Capitol Hill

by | Jul 11, 2011 | Press Release

Washington, D.C. (July 11, 2011) – The Interfaith Disability Advocacy Coalition (IDAC) delivered a letter to members of the House and Senate today urging them to protect Medicaid from drastic cuts and other harmful changes to the program. “This is a moral issue,” said AAPD’s Director of the Interfaith Initiative and IDAC’s convener Ginny Thornburgh. “This issue has touched the hearts of people of faith from many religions. Medicaid is one of the tools that helps people with disabilities stay in their communities and continue to live as independently as possible.”

The letter, which was signed by 36 national organizations across the faith spectrum, states that while the coalition understands deficit reduction efforts are necessary, drastic proposed cuts to Medicaid would be devastating to the disability community.

According to the letter, “The shared values of our faiths lead us to support policies and programs that promote independence and dignity for people with disabilities so they can continue contributing to their communities and congregations. Medicaid is one such program…Any decisions about Medicaid funding or the structure of the program should take into consideration the ability of people with disabilities to live healthy, independent lives.”

These 36 religious organizations oppose spending cuts and harmful changes such as the proposed block grants and global spending cap proposals “that would undermine human dignity by limiting the choices and opportunities for older adults and people with disabilities.”

The Interfaith Disability Advocacy Coalition (IDAC) is a coalition of 25 national faith-based organizations, including representatives from the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu traditions, with a mission of mobilizing the religious community to speak out and take action on disability policy issues with Congress, the President and Administration, and society at large. IDAC is a diverse, nonpartisan coalition of religious and religiously affiliated organizations whose core spiritual values affirm the rights and dignity of people with disabilities.

For more information about IDAC, please visit www.AAPD.com/IDAC.

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