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Labor Union

Some workplaces have labor unions. A labor union is a group of workers at a workplace who join together to advocate for better conditions at work. Together, they can advocate for their bosses to do things like raising their pay, giving them better work hours, and making their workplace safer. The members of a union vote to elect leaders of the union, who are called union representatives or union agents. The union representatives or union agents take the lead in advocating for the changes that the union members want.

Absentee Voting

When you don’t have to go to a polling place on Election Day to vote. You can vote by through the mail with an absentee ballot.

In-Person Absentee Voting

In some states, voters can go to the election office or a voting site before Election Day to vote in person. Some states call this “In-Person Absentee Voting,” and other states call this “Early Voting.” Some states only allow some voters to vote through In-Person Absentee Voting, such as voters who are out of town on Election Day or voters with disabilities. Check your state guide to see if your state has In-Person Absentee Voting and if you are allowed to vote during this period.


A notary is someone appointed by a state government to be witness signatures on important documents. When a notary witnesses a signature, they watch the person sign the document, and they verify that the person signing the document is telling the truth. This is called “notarizing.” You can find a notary by asking your library, post office, or bank if they have a notary.

Affidavit or Oath

An affidavit or oath is a written statement. When you sign an affidavit, you are promising that you are telling the truth.

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