2019 Summer Internship Program Annual Report

“Through my internship placement, I had the opportunity to strengthen my future goals, broaden my knowledge, and engage in discussion impacting the disability community. From sitting in the Supreme Court for a decision, to learning about the importance of disability participation in the 2020 Census, to meeting with the Assistant Secretary of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, there was something new to look forward to every week!” — Jordyn Zimmerman

“My academic courses provided me a framework to analyze political issues through a social justice oriented lens, but my internship with the Information Technology Industry Council has translated this knowledge into the workplace and the community at large. I delved into real-world issues such as the ethical inquiries posed by artificial intelligence and the security implications of supply chain management…” — Danny Vang

screenshot of 2019 annual report with aapd logo above image of group of people posing for photo