Disability Advocates Warn the For the People Act’s Paper Ballot Mandate Will Disenfranchise Voters with Disabilities

While the For the People Act will remove significant barriers to voting for people with disabilities, without addressing the unintended consequences of the paper ballot mandate, this important voting legislation will disenfranchise many voters with disabilities. Simply put, the current paper ballot mandate in the For the People Act will exclude many voters from the ballot box, counteracting the purpose of this well-intended and important legislation.

Voting Rights and Accessibility are Under Attack Across the U.S.

Alongside voting advocates and other civil rights organizations across the country, we oppose voting legislation that disproportionately targets and restricts voting rights for people with disabilities, people of color, and disabled people of color, LGBTQIAPTS people, and other communities. We will continue to support our REV UP organizers in protecting the right to vote within their communities. Our democracy depends on our communities having the right and the access to vote safely and independently.

AAPD Announces the Summer Internship Program Class of 2021

For Immediate Release Contact: Rachita Singh, rsingh@aapd.com WASHINGTON, DC – The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) is pleased […]

Disability Rights Organizations Join the National John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Action Day

Today, the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACDD), the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL), and the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) will participate in the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Day of Action in support of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

Advocates for People with Disabilities, Chronic Conditions and Older Adults Request Policymakers Reject Health Policies That Discriminate

After months of delays and months of coordinated advocacy from the disability community, last night Congress passed another coronavirus relief bill which does not address critical needs of disabled people, our families, and our service providers. Our community is hurting. Our community is dying.

AAPD Statement in Solidarity with Asian American Communities

AAPD condemns violence and marginalization towards Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, and AAPD joins many others in solidarity with the Asian community across the country.

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